Cattle Out On Cornstalks

After the corn is harvested, some farmers will put up an electic fence around the cornfield, and then turn in their cattle to clean up the cornstalks and leaves.  The other day, I was taking pics of  hedgeapples, and was being watched by a neighbor’s cattle in the next field.

Since I was a stranger to them, they were keeping a sharp eye on me.  Check out the one in the middle above. She’s cleaning out her nose with her tongue. Try doing that yourself sometime.

Anyway, they kept staring at me.

Just an observation, and we may be wrong, but we don’t think cattle can think and chew at the same time.

The corn leaves hanging out of her mouth are forgotten while she considers whether to run away from me or not.

It’s sad, but kinda funny too.  It’s all part of the bovine charm.

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