Clarabelle Has Her Calf!

Remember Clarabelle from the heifer Maternity Ward?  She’s the one who-

“denies she’s having a calf. She thinks that her diet didn’t work and she’s just gaining weight. We’ve told her repeatedly about calves and birth, but she’s not buying it and insists she’s just overweight.”

Well, on Tuesday evening, Clarabelle was really uncomfortable, and finally she had the urge to lay down and push something out.

“Funny”, she thought, “I can’t imagine what’s wrong back there, I’m just overweight, that’s all.”   But she lay down and pushed for a while and out popped a little miniature of herself, all black with a white face and black eye patches.

“Oh my…..OH MY!!!!    HE’S ADORABLE, JUST LIKE ME!!”

Clarabelle cleaned up her calf, fed it, and has been a perfect mother ever since, never once mentioning how she was so certain she was not pregnant. Yesterday morning, I paid her a visit.

“You’re taking this very well Clarabelle considering you denied being pregnant in the first place,” I mentioned to her.

“Hmmm?  What was that? We’re eating right now. Could you give us some privacy please?”

—> So that’s two heifers down, and eight more to go. Stay tuned.


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