Kitty and Her Catnip Mouse

Kitty just loves her catnip mouse:



And I just love it when she rubs her nose against it like that. So cute!!!


10 comments to Kitty and Her Catnip Mouse

  • Rebecca

    aaaawww Kitty… are so cute when you rub your nose back and forth on your mousey!
    Who can resist such adorableness?

  • Louise S

    Such a pretty kitty. Her white areas are soooo snow white!

  • Glenda

    She was going to leave you a present “Mom”.

  • Debbie

    She is having such fun! I love seeing your Kitty!

    I would like one of those catnip mice that squeak for my 2 kitties! Do you remember where you got it?

    Does the squeaking seem to really have any effect on Kitty, or is it all about the catnip?

    I haven’t been providing anything catnip to my cats for a while now. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Suzanne

      We got the mouse at walmart. It squeeks every time it’s moved. And I sprinkled some catnip onto the mouse for extra fun. Kitty likes the squeeker even without the catnip though.

  • Carol

    Miss Kitty is beautiful and so fluffy! My cat stepped on some bubble wrap that popped…she sailed through the air like a flying squirrel! I love it when you post about Kitty, Suzanne, thanks.

  • Jann-Marie

    Extreme cuteness – I love her!

  • Lana

    Doesn’t Kitty get a little suspicious about the mouse when it has a “tag” on it?? : ). She is so cute! We have a family member who is terrified (literally!!) of cats, so that is a pet none of us have. Right now, we are all dog people ……..

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