The Tallgrass Prairie In Winter

Harland and I spent New Year’s day at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. It had snowed there the day before and we wanted to see the prairie and the bison herd in the snow. We drove down in the morning and by mid-afternoon we were hiking out on one of the trails.

I hurt my knee last spring and have been favoring it all summer and fall as it slowly healed and I didn’t want to carry much camera gear. So I was traveling light with just my video camera and tripod. Harland had a full backpack of camera gear.

Here’s one of his images:

And here’s a little video I took of the snowy prairie.

(By the way, it was really really cold and we didn’t have any kleenex, so I apologize for my drippy state.)



Our goal was to find the bison herd and we finally spotted them on a distant hill about a mile away, give or take.  So we went down a hill, across a creek, meandered about in a valley, stopping often to rest. Finally we hiked up a high hill where we found the herd.

Stay tuned……


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