Prairie Wildflowers


While on a short drive the other evening, my husband and I came across a lovely field full of wildflowers just blooming their little hearts out.

I love the different names of the flowers. This one is Fleabane.


This is Purple Prairie Clover.

Purple Prairie Clover

Here is a Black Eyed Susan.

Black Eyed Susan

Prairie Coneflower looks like it’s wearing a festive yellow skirt.

Prairie Coneflower

Here is Golden Crownbeard. Who comes up with these names?

Golden Crownbeard

Deptford Pink is really cute. The flowers only measure about a half inch across.

Deptford Pink

Last, but not least, is my favorite, Coreopsis.


It’s bright and cheerful,


it laughs at heat and drought and keeps on blooming,


and this cute little bug thought it was a great place to hang out and relax.


We’ve been having a generous amount of rain this year, so all the wildflowers are doing well.

Thanks for coming along, and hope you enjoyed your walk among the flowers.


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