Road Trip

I work on the car while Harland supervises.

Harland(hubby) and I took a road trip this weekend for a whirlwind tour of north central Kansas and a sidetrip into Nebraska.  We left right after I got off work on Friday. We visited many interesting places, met new people, and made some new friends. For my part, I further perfected my farmer’s tan and acquired 3 more chiggers.  I also took over 400 pics. We got home late Sunday evening. I unpacked, took my shower, fell into bed, and was asleep in about 2 seconds.  I’ll have a chance to go through my pics tonight after work, and will have posts all week about our travels, including a prairie named after a famous American author and a visit to her childhood home, a Pawnee Indian village museum, an orphan train museum, and a visit to the world’s largest ball of twine. We also stopped at a 100 year old limestone church and a gallery full of tiny carvings of amazing animated people, animals, and vehicles- the life’s work of one man.

Stay tuned all week for posts about our crazy travels.


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