Geographic Center Of The U.S.

Last Friday evening found Harland and me at the Geographic Center of the United States, the first stop on our north central Kansas road trip.

The center is marked by a stone monument with a plaque detailing the exact coordinates of the center of the lower 48 states as determined by a government geographic survey.

The monument is topped by an American flag,

and is located in a small park and surrounded by fields and a pasture of bored looking cows. There is also a small chapel in the park.

One can sit in the chapel and contemplate the wonder of being in the exact center of the US – or not. Seems the exact center is located about a half mile away on private farmland. The owner wasn’t interested in an endless stream of tourists tracking through his farm, so the center was located on the nearest available land.

In spite of the fact that this isn’t the exact center and there isn’t much to do, people find their way here to take pictures in front of the monument, walk around the quiet park, or just gaze out over the fields.

We stayed until twilight, and then took off down the road to the nearest town containing a motel.

The next morning, we were up at 5am to take sunrise pics at the Willa Cather Memorial Prairie near Red Cloud, Nebraska.  Stop by tomorrow for a tour of the prairie.


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