Aromatic Aster…and Kitty

A couple of years ago I planted some Aromatic Aster seeds.

This aster is related to mums, but is a native plant, one of the last to bloom in the fall. The first year, there were no blooms, but this year the plants are covered.

While taking pics of them the other evening, Kitty, our house cat, came over for a look.

What’ya think Kitty? Aren’t they pretty?

Oh, I guess. But they’re kinda boring.

Hmmm….well what would you rather be doing while you’re out here in the fresh air?

C’mere, I’ll show you.

Ah yes, the tree. Been practicing your tree climbing? (see Kittty’s earlier tree climbing escapades here)

Yes, check this out.

How’s that?

Very good Kitty. We’ve seen you do this before though. Was there something new you wanted to show us?

Oh yeah! Check this out, I can go higher.

Can you see me up here?

Well it’s kinda hard…..

Oh there you are!  That’s about 20 feet isn’t it? Higher than you’ve ever been before.

Yeah! Are you impressed? What do you think?

I think it’s a good thing that Harland is a volunteer fireman, that’s what I think.


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