More Fall Color

First off, I’m sorry I didn’t get a post up yesterday. Crazy busy all day, and just didn’t get to it. Weekend was crazy too, but I’ll tell you more about that later in the week. Here are a few hints: helicopter, parade, twisted knee, airplane, and lady with a beehive hairdo.

Anywho, here’s a picture I meant to share with you yesterday, or the day before, whatever.

Happy Belated Halloween!

Amidst all the weekend insanity, I was able to get more pictures of the fall color.

We visited a small town by the name of Hiawatha.

About a 100 years ago, a resident of the town had a beautiful sugar maple in his yard.

Wanting to share its beauty, he saved seeds and planted them,

and then handed out free trees to anyone who wanted them.

Today the town comes alive with color from hundreds of maple trees every fall,

and visitors come from all around just to see them.

I hope you’ve been able to get out and see some lovely fall foliage, and that you had a fun and safe Halloween.


——> Up Next: Why am I leaning against an almost total stranger with a crazy grin on my face, and what am I doing next to a helicopter…. me- who is afraid of heights and doesn’t like to fly?  Stay tuned folks.


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