A Flight On Super Budget Airlines

Welcome to Super Budget Airlines. We are now boarding your flight at terminal #1.  In an effort to defray costs, and pass on the savings to you our customer, there is no electrical system on this plane. The ground crewperson/pilot’s wife will now start the engine the old fashioned, but economical, way.

Got it!

As a courtesy to our passenger, you get to ride in front of the pilot. (While you, as a passenger, have access to the brake controls, you are asked to please refrain from using them. Thank you for your consideration. )

We will now taxi out onto the runway. Please take note that we do not pave our runway.

This cost saving measure is passed onto our valued customers.

And we’re off.

Please feel free to roam about the cabin. There is no in-flight movie today, but we won’t be climbing to any great altitude so that you will have plenty of ground and trees to look at and won’t feel the need for a movie.

All our flights are short(about 30 minutes) due to the small size of the plane’s gas tank, but this only means that your in-flight time is much shorter than all our competitors.

Please keep your seat belt fastened until we arrive back at the terminal. Do go ahead though and open the window and door to let some fresh air in. Enjoy.

Our gracious staff is here to assist you as you de-board the plane. The pilot and ground crewperson/pilot’s wife/flight attendant will offer any assistance you may need.

This passenger has difficulty exiting the plane due to a knee injury he sustained the day before while photographing a parade. But we are more than happy to help him with his infirmity.

He finally is extracted from the plane,

regains his composure and breathes a few cleansing breaths,

and afterwards poses happily for his complimentary photo.

Just another perk of flying with Super Budget Airlines.

Have a nice day.


—–> Up Next Week: Come join in the fun as we round-up the cattle from the summer pasture and move them to the winter pasture on semi-trucks. It’s not your great -grandfather’s cattle round-up, but we do have all the mooing, bawling, yelling, kicking, and cursing you’d expect from an old-fashioned round up.


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