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  • Nancy

    Oh, my goodness. Homemade soap! My grandmother made it, and my daddy made it. He would have been 103 this month. He made it religiously, although he was the only one in the family would would use it. I told him I didn’t want to use it because it would take off my skin, which offended him greatly until he realized I was teasing him. He’s been gone 20 years, and I wish he were here. I would use his lye soap!

    • Suzanne

      Hi Nancy,
      My family is skeptical of our soap too. Have explained many times that all soap has lye and it can’t be made without it. Oh well.
      I’m sure your dad is smiling down on you about his soap now. 🙂 My dad has been gone 20 years now as well. Doesn’t seem that long does it?

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