Our neighbors up the road, Roger and Liz,  raise sheep and a few weeks ago, their lambing season began. I drove past one of their pens the other evening, and they all came over to say Hi.  Some were a little shy at first.

But after a while, they relaxed and got down to the serious business of eating supper.

“Ma, I wish you were taller.”

Roger stopped by to give them their evening feeding, and everyone came running.

He gave them corn, and then some alfalfa.

Even the lambs tried to eat the alfalfa even though they are too young to digest it. They want to imitate Mama.

Lambs are just the cutest thing ever. They all need hugs.

Or at least I need to give all of them a hug.

They are 2 weeks old, and only come up to my knees.

They’re curious about everything around them.

And then, just to turn the cuteness meter up full blast, they started doing this.

And this.  “I can’t hold still!”

“I have to hop hop hop!!.”

Their dad is quite proud.


——–> UP NEXT:   Mary Had A Little Lamb, A poem inspired by a true story.

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