Kitty’s Anniversary

Kitty. October 26, 2012

Five years ago today, Harland and I, newly engaged (five years yesterday), and spending the weekend in Hannibal, Missouri, decided to drive across the mighty Mississippi and take in the nighttime view of Hannibal with the town’s lights reflecting in the water. As we pulled our truck to a stop, we noticed a little calico cat standing there in the glare of our headlights, like she was waiting for us. Harland got out of the truck first, and cat person that he is, he picked up the little calico cat and held her close while she purred in delight. She was rather thin, had no collar, and looked like she had been dropped off as there were no houses on that side of the river for miles.

I don’t remember it being much of a decision on our part to take her with us, we couldn’t just leave her behind. And so, holding her in my lap, we drove off to the store to buy her some catfood and a carrier.

Kitty. October 26, 2012

I waited in the truck while Harland was in the store, and she looked out the window eagerly watching the activity in the parking lot. When Harland returned, he gave her some food in a dish, and she wolfed it down without taking the time to chew. Poor thing.

Well, the rest, as they say, is history. While it was not all sunshine and roses with her in the early years, (You can read the rest of her story HERE.), she’s now a part of our little family, and we can’t imagine life without her.

You would think that Kitty would want to give US a gift in appreciation for rescuing her in her hour of need, wouldn’t you?

Kind of a, “Gee thanks for saving my life!” gift, right?

Kitty. October 26, 2012

KITTY:   “I AM a gift. Nothing further is needed.”

US:    “Oh, ok. Thanks Kitty.” 

KITTY:   “You’re welcome.”

You can catch up on all Kitty’s adventures with us by clicking HERE.



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