After being away from home last week serving on a jury, it was a wonderful thing to be home with Harland and Kitty.

Sunday, they celebrated my homecoming by taking a nap.

IMG_20130804_144543_882 (1)

No, just kidding. One of my favorite sights is Kitty sharing her bed with her human for naptime. Kitty recommends sleeping throughout the day and heartily approves of Harland enjoying a few ZZZZzzz with her.

Kitty is finally 100% well and back to her normal silly self.

I went back to court Monday to finish deliberations. We made our decision based on the evidence before us, weighed it carefully, and in the end knew there was only one verdict we could render. Our verdict was unanimous which was quite a relief as my biggest fear throughout the trial was a hung jury. That would have been an awful thing.

I have a new respect for our jury system. It’s not perfect and sometimes it doesn’t make sense why a jury reaches a verdict that it does. But for us on the outside of the process, we should consider that we are not privy to all the evidence or the jury instructions that guide how a verdict is to be reached, and what can and can’t be considered in that decision.

I didn’t enjoy being away from home and having my life interrupted. But I learned that jury duty can’t be approached with a “there’s nothing in this for me” attitude. I learned that it’s about serving my community. It was instructive, humbling, and in the end I was proud to be part of it all.


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