What A Difference A Week Makes

Last night I closed the door to the office room where Kitty was napping, and brought the kittens in from the garage for a visit. They were tentative at first and nervous. But within minutes they got over it:


Hard to believe that just a week ago they were emaciated, frightened and sad.

Look how far they’ve come:

About an hour later, I took them back out to the garage, where they promptly went to bed exhausted from all their play.

I let Kitty out of the office and she promptly carried out an inspection.



“There’s a disturbance in the force.”

Oh Kitty, you have no idea what’s in store for you.  I hope you’ll be a good girl so we can keep your brother.


16 comments to What A Difference A Week Makes

  • Glenda

    So nice to see them playing like that. They should make good mousers!

  • Evelyn

    so very cute! We have feral cats here; one mama decided to have kittens on my front porch. Needless to say those kittens aren’t feral! My inside cat seldom plays with her many toys so I took several of them outside for the kittens to enjoy. I had as much fun watching them play as they had playing! However, none of them, including Mama will be furthering the kitty population. Enough is enough on my front porch!

  • yvonne daniel

    Wish you could keep all the kittens. I hope the other/s one/s will be getting an indoor home. Other wise they’ll be coyote/fox/owl/hawk food.

    The video is really nice and enjoyable.

    • Suzanne

      That’s what we’ll be shooting for, indoor homes, for Muffin’s siblings. Kittens don’t have much of a life expectancy around here when they’re outside.

  • They are absolutely adorable. You have taken such good care of them, especially Mittens. How nice to see them so healthy and happy! And I hope that Kitty will approve when she’s finally introduced to him/them.

  • Amelia

    So sweet! Hopefully with these introductory sniffs you’ve offered Kitty she will be accepting of her new baby brother!

    • Suzanne

      Thanks Amelia! It’s a work in progress and coming along, slowly, but steadily. Kitty and Muffin are getting to know each other more every day.

  • I’d forgotten what fun kittens can be. Needless to say, at fifteen, Dixie Rose is a bit beyond such play, though she has her moments. I most love the expression on Kitty’s face after checking things out. I have a feeling she’ll do just fine with her new friend — although I’ve been proven wrong by more than one creature in my time.

    • Suzanne

      If Kitty was older, we wouldn’t hold out much hope either, but she’s about 7 now, and still likes to play, so we’re hopeful. Thanks Linda!

  • Jeanne

    The video is such fun to watch! They surely are a lively trio!! I really wonder what Kitty was thinking…Her expression is something else! Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the job ahead of you!

  • Lorraine

    This is the first time I have seen this shot of the three kittens! How cute. They wear me out just watching them.

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