Cow’s Eye-View

You’ve heard of bird’s eye-view, well this is a post about the cow’s eye-view. I went out into the pasture this afternoon, sat on the ground and waited. The cows in this pasture are only about 2 years old, and they had their first calves just a couple months ago. Both young cows and calves are very curious. They see me all the time walking around, and pay little attention. But sitting down in the pasture is something new to them, and so they have to investigate.  The calves came in close first.

This one got a little closer.

Then the cows came over to see what was going on.

Oh dear, and you think you’re having a bad hair day. Anyway, with the cows there, the calves got braver, and came in even closer…

and closer……

and closer.   Awww…aren’t you cute. And such pretty eyelashes too.

Within about 10 minutes, everyone’s curiousity was satisfied, and they went back to the important business of grazing.

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