White Face Calf

I’m a sucker for white faced calves. Of course, all calves are adorable with their big eyes, and innocent faces, but white faced calves have a special place in my heart. The majority of the calves were born in March, and were hauled along with their moms to the summer pasture a couple weeks ago.  But  there are a handful of cows that haven’t calved yet, so they are still in the lot near our house.  This calf, a girl, was born on Monday. It’s been a busy week, so last night was the first opportunity I had to go take a look at her. She was rather shy at first, and stuck close to her mom, but she relaxed after a while, and her natural curiosity took over.

She came closer,

and closer.

She finally came up to me to get a close look and sniff me all over.

Her mom was not pleased with her baby coming so close to me.

After all, I’m one of those pesky humans that can’t be trusted. Mom kept making low mooing sounds to her calf:  “Don’t get too close now dear, humans are bad”.  But the litlle calf didn’t pay much mind to her mom.

She just couldn’t resist investigating me. I tried to pet her, but she hopped away. Mom cleaned her up afterwards.

"Yuck, that human tried to touch you. Now you need a bath, dear."

Harland will be hauling them to a nice grassy pasture this weekend, where they will spend the summer. Was glad I got the chance to get to meet the little squirt last night.

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