Kitty’s Post

Hi Kitty!

Huh, what? Who’s there?

Oh, it’s you. Go away human, I’m busy.

Oh, I’m sorry. What’s the matter Kitty?

Oh, you know. It’s the blog thing. I made this blog, and you haven’t done a post on me in ages. The tomato and TV posts about me were a long time ago.

Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you wanted to be on the blog. Well, today I’m doing a post all about you.

Are you gonna show them what I caught several weeks ago?

Oh gosh. I don’t know Kitty. I mean, it might offend some people.

Oh c’mon. There’s no blood or gore or anything. I was quite proud of myself being an indoor cat and all, and you should be too. C’mon, show them what I caught in the yard.

Are you sure I should show the picture?

Ok fine, I’m leaving. I can see you don’t care, and don’t appreciate me.

Give me the keys, I’m hittin’ the road. Going to a place where I’m appreciated and loved.

Ok ok. If I show the picture, will you stay?

I’ll consider it a step in the right direction from you.

Ok, here it is. Kitty caught this all by herself, and we were quite proud of her. It’s a vole. They mess up the lawn.

Yes, I caught it all by myself. It had me down a couple times and was going to rip my heart out and-

Kitty, are you sure that’s how it went? You’re not varnishing the truth are you?

NO! It was all fangs and claws and I had to fight for my life and-

Kitty? Now c’mon.

Oh ok. But I’m still proud of myself for catching it, you know.

I know Kitty. Which is so unlike you. Normally, you are very humble. (Not)

I heard that.


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