Kitty In A Box

Kitty loves this time of year. Boxes arrive in the mail daily, and once the contents are taken out, we throw the box on the floor near the door to be taken out to the trash. But while we get excited about the box’s contents, Kitty gets excited about the box itself. She’ll walk into the room, notice the box, and hop into it to sit for a while, do some cleaning, or just enjoy the view from her box.

She loves to sit in boxes.

What Kitty doesn’t know is that there are times when we are sorely tempted to just close the flaps, slap some postage on it, and ship her off to some distant land. Like when she hides under the bed and grabs our ankles. Or like when she hides behind the couch and jumps out at us as we pass by. Or like when she escapes outside and when we ask her to come in she runs the other way at top speed.

She has no idea how close she’s come to being mailed to Alaska.


——->  UP NEXT: We had our first snow here over the weekend, and so I’ll be posting pics of the prairie under a blanket of white.

——-> LATER THIS WEEK: Canada Geese stop for a rest on Pony Creek Lake.

——-> ALSO LATER THIS WEEK: How to make a delicious fruitcake. Seriously, it’s very edible and very good. Hey, I wouldn’t lie to you folks.

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