A Monarch Butterfly Is Born

Yesterday morning, our monarch butterfly pupa was all dark.

We could see the orange and black of small wings inside. Sometime around 9am, its home for the last 10 days split open and it emerged head first. Ungainly and awkward looking at first, it hung upside down allowing its wings to expand to their full size.

Here’s a video made from time lapse images.



About a half hour later, its wings were dry, and it decided that it was time to move on and greet the world.

Harland let it outside where it flew up into a tree and landed on a tree limb to enjoy the breeze.

It may have been born yesterday, but it’s really 5 weeks old. First a tiny egg,

then a leaf munching caterpillar,

and now a glorious delicate winged butterfly.

And soon, it will start a long journey south to Mexico to spend the winter.

(By the way, it’s a girl butterfly. All these weeks I’ve been calling it a boy as there is no way to tell the sex until the butterfly hatches, and I figured I had a 50/50 chance of being right by calling it a he. Well, I was wrong. And she’s probably been mad at me all this time. Sorry Miss Butterfly.)


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