Dew-Covered Grasshopper

Lately, our weather has turned much cooler. Gone are the scorching 105 degree days. Our highs have been 90 or less, we’ve been enjoying wonderful cool nights, and we’ve been getting rain every few days.  We are blessed.

One recent morning, this grasshopper waited patiently for the early sun to dry off the dewdrops.

And he had company – a little butterfly.

Grasshopper:  Hey you, butterfly, you got a towel?

Butterfly: No, sorry.

Grasshopper:  Oh ok.  Well, do you have a bar of soap then?

Butterfly:  No, but on the next plant over there are a bunch of beetles taking a bath. You might hop over there and ask to borrow their soap.

Grasshopper:  Great, thanks!

Butterfly:  No problem.


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