Kitty the Bloodhound

I let Kitty outside yesterday for a little fresh air, and then got distracted in the house doing laundry. When I finally looked out, she was nowhere to be seen.

I looked all around the truck, and then around the farm truck and stock trailer, all around the yard, the garden shed….  the road where she loves to take  a little roll in the dust when we’re not looking.

No Kitty anywhere.

I was beginning to panic when I finally found her in the most unexpected place…somewhere she had never been before….

Me:  Oh, Kitty!  You ’bout gave me a heart attack!

Kitty: Why?  I’ve been right here. I was watching you wander around the yard looking frantically for something. Whatcha doin’?

Me:  ***growl***  What are you doing there anyway?  That’s not a safe place to sit.

Kitty:  How do you figure? There’s no one in the driver’s seat.  Anywho, I’m sniffing where you’ve been.

Me:  HA!  You’re not a bloodhound, you don’t know where we’ve been!  You’re so full of it.

Kitty:  *sniff…sniff….sniff*    Hmmmmm…..  this morning you went to church, and then you ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

Me:  …I…we…I mean…. You’re putting me on! You can’t tell where we’ve been from sniffing the fender!

Kitty:  Oh yeah?    *sniff…sniff*   You parked in the parking spot on the northeast corner of the building, you sat at the table in the corner near the kitchen, and you had the Steak and Shrimp smothered with cheese and sauteed onions. You had them hold the peppers. You ordered an iced tea and added 2 sugar packets. Harland ordered the same only he kept the peppers and he added Equal to his tea. *sniff*  One packet.

Me:  I….ah….but…..I…….

Kitty:   Run along and bother someone else, woman. You bore me.


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