Kitty and the Wide Angle Lens

Me: I just love this 10-22 mm lens I’ve been using lately, Kitty. Besides having a wider view, I can also get closer to my subject. In the above pic, I was only a few inches from you, but I got all of you with room to spare. I have to be careful though because the lens kinda distorts things a little. For instance, your head is not bigger than your body, and you aren’t that thin either.

Kitty: Are you saying I’m overweight?

Me: Well, a little. But it’s our fault, we give you too many treats from the table.

Kitty:  I never said you feed me too much. I’m hungry most of the time. You can feed me more if you like.

Me: If we put you on full-feed, you’d blow up like a balloon. As it is you have some excess baggage hanging down there and –

Kitty:  Ok, ok….let’s not go into details.  Tell the nice folks more about your lens.

Me:  Oh, well, most people think of using a wide angle only for landscapes, but it’s great too for geting close to a subject and showing the subject’s surroundings. Like when I took pics of the rodeo parade, or when we visited the clydesdales inside their barn, or underneath the Clements Stone Bridge.

Kitty:  I see. Are there any other advantages?

Me:  Sure. I can also get closer to you.  In the pic below, I’m only a few inches from your face, so we can see a lot of detail.

Me: Isn’t it great?  We can see all of you, plus the ceiling and into the kitchen.

Kitty:  Um…why would anyone want to see our ceiling and kitchen??

Me:  Well, I guess they don’t, but I’m just saying that this lens is good for telling the whole story. Like, say you want to take a pic of your kid at the fair holding her prize-winning bunny rabbit. You could get close-ups of her and the bunny, and you could see cages with other bunnies, the inside of the barn, and fair visitors too. So your pic would tell the whole story.

Me: Kitty, are you even listening to me?

Kitty:  Yeah, got it.  The 10-22 lens is good not only for wide sweeping landscapes, but is also ideal for getting close to your subject for detail and to get the whole story in one image.

Me:  Oh good. Thanks Kitty.

Kitty: No problem. You can feed me now.

Me:  Sigh……


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