Kitty’s Hunting Skills

You know how predators, like Kitty, usually spend minutes, maybe hours, patiently stalking their prey?

Well, not Kitty. Yesterday, she decided stalking her prey is a waste of time.

So she sat here for about a half hour.

“YAWN, I’m tired”

The goldfinches were up in the elm tree the entire time chattering fowl foul language at her, something along the lines of,

“You gotta be kidding, we’re not coming down to the bird-feeder while you’re there, so beat it kid!”

And Kitty replied,

“KKKKK -kkkkkkk -KkkkKK-“

 And the goldfinches replied,

“Big deal, we’re so scared!”   – amid chirpy guffaws of laughter.

Kitty licked her chops…

and stared…

and stared….

I finally resolved the stand-off by picking up the vicious wily predator –

“NO, NO, NO, put me down…I almost had one of them!!!”

 and taking her into the house, where she stalked around switching her tail back and forth, muttering under her breath, and giving me dirty looks.

 But then I poured a little milk into her dish,

“Oh boy, MILK!!!”

and all her troubles were forgotten.


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