White Tailed Deer

Today’s animal is one that we almost always catch a glimpse of when we visit Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge.





¬†We watched the doe in the above 3 pictures for quite a while. Harland saw something smaller move to her left and we waited….


She kept her ear turned toward whatever it was, but didn’t look that way.



…a fawn appeared out of the grass!

Once the fawn got over it’s shyness, he began to scamper about playfully.

And then he posed:


Finally the fawn scampered off into the weeds with the doe following along behind.

Deer in the wild never pose like this with us only being a few feet away, but on the refuge they are much calmer- not as afraid of humans. So it’s an ideal place to take pics of wildlife.


Up Next:  Another animal on the refuge Рa water bird.



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