Autumn and Art at Bradley Fair

Last weekend, Wichita held its first autumn art show. Over 60 artists representing 13 art mediums participated, so there was something for everyone. Harland, (hubby), a farmer and photographer was invited to show his photography work. We had never done an art show, so we thought we’d give it a try. We arrived on Friday morning to set up the tent, and get all the prints displayed. The show started that evening, and went through Saturday and Sunday. 

I helped out with the customers, but was able to get away to check out the rest of the vendors, and there was quite a variety of artwork to see.

There were painters,


handmade furniture,


hand-crafted wood items,

jewelry, (these are glass blown hearts)



hand worked glass,

and photography. (Guess who?)

Musicians perfomed all weekend for the crowds of visitors.

And sometimes the visitors themselves were entertaining to watch. I did a double take when I saw this lady.

What’s that hanging from her jeans pocket? It’s her pet parrot, who was content to hang there during her entire visit.


For the kids,  there was a tent set up just for them where they could complete their own art projects and line up for the face painting too.

The nearby fountain was pretty to look at,

and a nice place to cool your feet.

For more information about Autumn and Art, click here.

And if you would like to see more of Harland’s photos, you may visit his website here.   There’s wheat, windmills, cowboys, and of course lots and lots of sunflower pics.


—->  UP NEXTSpooky Stormy Skies.  Watch out for low flying witches.



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