Kitty Works All Day

Sunday afternoon was sunny and warm for a change and so I got a fit of housecleaning.  Kitty offered to help. Wonderful!

Can you sweep and mop the floors Kitty?

How about vacuuming the carpets, Kitty?

Kitty, can you wash and fold the laundry?

Kitty, can you unload the dishwasher?

How about cleaning out your litterbox?

Can you change our bed? I’ll help you.

Really Kitty, I thought you were going to help me! You haven’t done diddly all day except lie there and sleep!!

Au Contraire. I’ve been soft and cute all day, and provided material for a post on that blog of yours.

But what about the housecleaning?!  I thought you were going to help!

Are you still here? This is a napping zone, please observe quiet in this area. Shhhhh….

Oh Kitty! You wear me out sometimes.


——–> UP NEXT: No Knead Herb Bread. So moist, fragrant and delicious, it’s heaven in a bread pan.

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