Rain On A Tin Roof

Yesterday we finally received a much needed spring rain. Most of the day there were gentle showers washing off the dust and gladdening the daffodils. When I got home from from work, Harland was already home (yea!), and met me with a big ole bear hug.  Then I changed into my farmgirl clothes, minus the winter coveralls(hallelujah), and we set off to do the chores. We headed a mile down the road to a field he had been planting in corn before the rain. He had left a truck behind when he drove out of the field in the tractor. We drove off the road and along the grassy waterway bumpity bumping along past an old fence with crooked wooden posts, and around a badger hole with freshly dug out dirt.   When we reached the pickup, Harland got out and then we both drove back out of the field and onto the road.

We stopped at the farm so Harland could feed grain and hay to the cattle. I went into the house to visit with my mother in law, Rita. When I came back outside, there was a pretty good shower going on. Harland was on the tractor feeding hay, and so I stepped inside the little grain shed to keep from getting wet. (I might melt tee hee.) I stood there listening to the rain on the tin roof and smelling the warm grain with molasses. The heifers near the shed had already been fed their grain, and I could hear the soft sound of them licking the last crumbs up.

“What luxury,” I thought. It wasn’t cold, there was no wind, and I looked out over an increasingly spring green world.  The birds sang their spring songs.

Later, when chores were done, we headed into our little snug farmhouse for supper.

We are so blessed.


——->  UP NEXT: It’s Prairie Chicken time.  Don’t miss out on the displaying, fighting, and antics of an icon of the prairie.

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