Kitty And The Rainy Day

It’s rainy and windy here today. Harland is participating in an art show down south of Wichita, and hopefully selling some of his photography prints. This morning I did the cow chores – fed grain, checked to see if anyone was having a calf and needed help. Back at the house I’ve been doing laundry, dishes and such.

Kitty decided the best way to spend this day is on the dryer since it’s all nice and warm while it’s running.

Hmm….I see an opportunity to get some macro shots of her paws.

  Now let’s see how close I can get to her nose.



Me: “AHHHHHHHH!! That sound is going to be the death of me!!”

Me:  “Ok, let’s see if this load is dry.”

Me:  “What do you think Kitty? Are they dry enough?”

Kitty: “No, turn the dryer on again.”

Me: “For how long?”

Kitty: “Five hours should do it.”

Me: “Do what!? Turn the clothes into fried carbon bits?”

Kitty: “Clothes? Who cares? I just want the dryer to keep running so I can finish my nap here where it’s warm.”

Me: “Thanks Kitty, glad to see you’re thinking of other people besides yourself.”

Kitty: ” Hey, no problem.”


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