The Barn Cats and Kitty’s New Stunt

Here are two of our barn cats.

That’s Emily on the left, and Black and White kitty on the right. Emily is about 2 years old, and Black and White has been here for years. We’re not sure how old she is. Neither of them are tame, and we’ve never been able to pet them.

They’re both raising families right now. Emily has 2 half grown yellow kittens, and Black and White has 5 newborns. That’s why both of them have very serious looks on their faces.

We’ve got kids who are sucking us dry. Every time I lay down I got 5 hungry little mouths attaching themselves to me.

We feed them every morning, so they have plenty to eat. Emily’s kittens run every time they see me, and Black and White has hidden her kittens, so I’m not sure where they are right now.Β  They live on the edge of the wild out in the barn with our resident raccoon and skunk. Mama skunk raises kids in the barn every summer, and the raccoon hangs out with another of the barn cats, Furry. They are best buds.

And then there’s Kitty, our house cat.

She’s never had kittens. She hates all tomcats, so it’s not likely she’ll ever have a family. So she has time to pursue her hobbies. Right now she’s taken up tree climbing.

Go figure. She’s lived here for over 2 years and she spends a lot of time in the yard, but only this week has she decided to to climb trees.

Every day she climbs a little higher.

From her perch high up in an acacia tree, the young lioness looks out over the African plain. In the distance an impala herd catches her eye. She looks for the young, the weak, an easy target. She’s not eaten in days, and this may be her last chance before starvation overtakes her.

Yeah sure whatever, Kitty. Get down out of the tree and come into the house. It’s time for your evening feeding.

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