Me:  You had something to say to the folks, Muffy?

Muffin:   Ummm…yes.


Me:  Go ahead, they’re listening.

Muffin:  Um….ok…. I had a bad day yesterday. I didn’t get any breakfast.

Me:  Anything else?

Muffin:  Oh Yeah.  I was put in the cage carrier thing. Then I was taken to a strange place and left there. Strange people handled me and then I took a long nap. When I woke up, I felt a draft on my bum. I looked down there and saw that they had shaved my bum!!!! Wanna see?

Me:  NO no! That’s ok, Muffy. They’ll take your word for it. Here you are when we got the to vet’s office yesterday morning.

Me:  You look really sad there.

Muffin:   Uh huh.  I was scared.

Me:  And here you are when I picked you up later in the afternoon.


Muffin:   I was SOOO glad to see you!!!

Me: And I was so glad to see you too!  And when I took you home, Kitty was glad to see you.

Muffin:  She told me I smelled funny.  So I called her a poopyhead.

Me:  Yes…well, let’s not go into that right now. You ate a lot when you got home didn’t you?

Muffin: Yes!  I was so hungry!

 Me:  And here you are later in the evening after I had just taken my shower. What are you doing here?


Muffin:  Um…. you have really messy fur. I was trying to fix it.

Me:  Thank you Muffy. So how are you doing today?

Muffin:  Much better!  I wrestled with Kitty this morning and I whooped her a**!!!

Me:  Muffin!!  We don’t use that word!

Muffin:   Sorry….



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