Cattle, corn, wheat, beans, mud, snow, ice, and drought. Plenty of fresh air and quiet. Our life is sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes joyous, but never boring.

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  1. Catherine G. says:

    Glad to hear everything is going well…I thought about asking you, but then thought that would be weird considering we don’t know each other! But your posts are a part of my morning coffee routine so it feels normal to wonder why I haven’t heard from you. 🙂 Take care.

  2. Leo N says:

    You are not the only one that is taking a break
    i know of a few others that are doing the same thing .
    You almost have to consider this as part time job .
    Anyway you and hubby take some time and have a great
    time enjoying each other
    Just a friend take care

  3. Rosemary says:

    Thank you for the update, so happy you are okay and looking forward to your next post!

  4. Pam says:

    Happy to hear you are well and living life to the fullest. Soon time for calves, so get your downtime while you can! Thanks for the update 🙂

  5. Alica says:

    It’s good to hear from you! Glad to hear you’re doing well…I miss your posts, but enjoy the break!

  6. Linda says:

    It’s so good to see your note. While you’re taking your break, I’ll keep browsing your archives and trying your recipes. Enjoy the coming spring!

  7. Carol says:

    Well I guess you need a break, you are two of hardest working people I know! We lived on a farm in Missouri and had to be home in time for chores. Worked all day, had to use truck headlights after dark. Scratch Kitty and Muffy behind the ears for me. I have enjoyed your photography and trips! You taught me the joy of making jelly, along with many other yummy recipes! Your free time is precious and writing a blog is time consuming. So if you come back yeah, if you can’t I will understand. But know this, I will miss you forever Suzanne and thanks for your lovely stories! God bless and peace, to you and yours. Hugs, Carol in CT.

  8. Dianna says:

    So glad to hear from you and know that things are well! We’ll be hear waiting when you have a chance to start posting again!

  9. Mary in Idaho says:

    It was very thoughtful of you to send us this note. You have been missed. Enjoy each other and the fruits of your very hard labor.

  10. katie says:

    Thanks for the update. We miss you.

  11. Tina says:

    Suzanne, you deserve a break probably more than most of us. You and Harland work very hard and then you volunteer to share your lives with us. We understand. Give the kitties a love, put your feet up if possible and just enjoy life. Thank you for sharing. See you later! Bye for now, enjoy the time off. Love and prayers.

  12. Rural TN says:

    Miss reading your blog. Glad nothing is wrong.

  13. Amy C. from NC says:

    I miss reading your blog! Enjoy your break but please come back to us soon!

  14. Dianne says:

    Glad to hear it is just a break.
    This is a very busy time on the farm and I know your blog uses up much free time.
    I look forward to your return.

  15. Tina says:

    Thinking of you. Have a wonderful Easter!

  16. Tina says:

    No, I am not a stalker, just miss your blog! Hope you have a great day and that it’s getting warmer there.Take care.

  17. Dianne says:

    Just checking in—-
    Hope the wildfires that are all over Kansas have missed your land.
    I live in Kansas and they have been all around us for a while. At times the smoke is making it hard to breath.
    Just wanted to stop by and say hello and hope everything is moving along smoothly for you.

  18. katie says:

    If you are not coming back, could you let us know. We miss you.


  19. Lynda in Michigan says:

    Miss your blog posts. Take care.

  20. Alice says:

    Please come back.

  21. Tina says:

    Okay, still not a stalker just checking to see if you are back yet. Count me as missing you also. I miss your kitty posts, life on the farm, Harland showing us city folk how those hard working farmers do it. Your recipes and history lessons and the pictures you share with us of your life, the prairie landscape and adventures you two go on. But I also miss you as a friend, that I feel I have come to know. We all understand you needed a break…a vacation from the blog. Just missing you! Will check again, some other time. Take care, and God bless.

  22. suz says:

    also looking forward to the time when you can return. you’re a wonderful writer/journaler, and i miss your farm stories, your love stories, the kitties … you’re the neighbor/friend i wish i had. hope your calving, field and other projects are going well – farmers are having a tough time getting in the fields here, between the every-other-day rains and continued chill. other parts of the state are doing better and other parts worse – such is agriculture. –suz in NE ohio

  23. Alice says:

    Suzanne, I miss you. I check everyday. I see you’ve been adding a few instagram photos. Thanks for that.

  24. Marilyn says:

    Miss You…………..

  25. Tina says:

    Happy June, to all you checking to see if Suzanne is back yet, along with me. It’s funny how much we miss her ramblings about her Kansas home, cats, prairie and Harland of course. Most of us have never met her but she has become a friend and we miss her. Maybe soon she will return with many more stories. Until then I will keep checking and hoping. Have a good afternoon everyone.

  26. Dianne says:

    Just checking in and hope everything is going well for you. Hope we will hear from you soon. Missing you and your blog.

  27. Missing you, Suzanne! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House rural community in the Missouri Ozarks

  28. suz says:

    missing your farm and your writing. hope your summer is going well; there’s always work to be done, i know. best wishes for you and harland and the animals to be safe and healthy through this hot-and-humid. –suz in ohio

  29. Mary says:

    Just missing you on Facebook and on your blog. I have had you on my mind a lot lately. Hope you are doing well and know that I continue to keep you in my prayers. I also wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes and bits and pieces of your wonderful life and family with all of us thru your pictures, videos, and blog. Take care and give my best to your husband and a hug to each of your kitties.

  30. Pam says:

    I’ve been 35 days without internet. I was so hoping for a post. Hope all is still well in your world.

    <3 <3 <3


  31. Tina says:

    Well August is almost gone and no word from you yet. I do follow you on Instagram so I know you are still around and kicking. We all do miss your writing. Be safe, God bless.

  32. Rebecca Dutill says:

    I had to join Instagram, to get my
    “windowontheprairie”, fix…lol..!!
    Much love to you, harland and the cats!

  33. Dianne says:

    Just hoping I would have found you back on line. I miss your stories and recipes. I hope when you are able to post again we will hear about short trips you may have taken. I got more ides from those posts on short trips to take. places that I had never heard of. One in particular I remember was the trip to the church with the beautiful stained glass windows. You are missed!!

  34. Monica J. says:

    Just another reader hoping to hear from you again…maybe now that summer is ending?
    Happy all is going well for you but would love for more of those little peeks into your life in Kansas. You’re my antidote to the news. Hope your crops and cattle do well this year. I have never lived on a farm but I love to hear about it. Especially those little video clips where you can hear the wind and the cattle or the birds…just beautiful!

  35. Louise W says:

    I keep checking, hoping you’d be back with us! Still hoping all is okay with you and Harland – and fur kids! Life does get away from us, but oh how I really looked forward to your blogs about life in the busy country! Take care and come back soon, pleaser?!!

  36. katie says:

    As much as you enjoy canning, have you seen the stove-top steam canners? They only take a couple of inches of hot water and are sooooooo much easier to use. They are NOT a pressure cooker, and the are not electric. They just sit on a burner and steam. I can do a “load” or two as I work in the kitchen. It does’t take much water, is light and easy to move, and the kitchen doesn’t get all steamy. I think Amazon has two or three for $35 to $50. They are so convenient and much easier on me. All my friends LOVE them.

    Good luck !


  37. katie says:

    PS Would you share your recipe for Apple Pie Jam? It looks delicious!


  38. Tina says:

    It’s October Suzanne! Please start blogging again! Come on, the break is over…..pretty please? And did you see the question from Katie? All she requested was your recipe for Apple Pie jam, which many of us probably would love to have. How about it, come back?

  39. Dianne says:

    I was glad to see that you are reading our posts. I wasn’t sure.
    I guess you can tell we are all more than ready for you to be back on line with us.
    We miss you but, I imagine there is a good reason why you aren’t back yet. Will be waiting for your return and hope it will be before the holidays.
    Isn’t this Kansas weather something. Near 100 degree temps the first of the week and now more fall like with 70’s! Some of ours trees are beginning to turn but, most are still nice and green.
    Happy Fall Suzanne.

  40. katie says:

    Suzanne, many thanks for the recipe. I was beginning to wonder if you were really there. I’m so sorry you aren’t back, but at least we know you are still “there”.

    Tina, thanks for noticing.

    Hope all is well with everyone.


    PS Was anyone interested in the non-pressure steam canners?

  41. Dianne says:

    After seeing pictures by you on Instagram on my side bar I decided this morning to check it out. I discovered great pictures that you have posted. You are one busy lady. So for all of us that have been missing posts from Suzanne I suggest you check out her Instagram site. I do hope that you will have time for this site too I enjoy the longer stories so very much. But, it does take a lot of time that you may not have.

  42. Dianne says:

    Happy Birthday Suzanne

  43. Tina says:

    Happy belated birthday Suzanne! Hope you had a good one.Thank you for still watching out for posts here. Yes, I have seen your posts to Instagram, you and Harland are busy. You have to be or the work never gets done huh? Give the kitties a hug and squeeze from me, Oh and Harland too! Wishing you both the best! Happy Fall!

  44. shoreacres says:

    I didn’t realize you’re on Instagram. I’m not, but I may join just to keep up with you. I landed here again because I was looking for photos of the soybean harvest in Kansas, and found one of your photos from 2013. I just spent three weeks in Arkansas and Kansas, including the Tallgrass Prairie and Monument Rocks. I’d hoped to meet you when I visited, but maybe next time!

  45. Tina says:

    It’s almost Thanksgiving and I so hoped you would be back with us. I miss you, as the others do. I hope you and Harland have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Give the cats a hug from me. Love and prayers to you and all your readers, God Bless.

  46. Lynda in Michigan says:

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving Suzanne & Harland.

  47. Teri Russell says:

    Wishing you and Harland a happy Thanksgiving. Wish you would come back soon. Miss your very informative posts.

  48. Monica J. says:

    Happy New Year to you Suzanne, Harland and the kitties!

  49. Ilse says:

    Just missing your blog. Hope all is well with both of you,

  50. Tina says:

    It’s February, just thinking of you and thought I would stop by to see you. Give the cats a squeeze and Harland too. Miss you all.

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