Spooky Stormy Skies

The last couple weeks  here we’ve been getting a lot of stormy weather. We’ve had storm watches, storm warnings, flood warnings, and frogs and burning hail falling from the sky. The good thing this that we’ve received lots of needed rain out of the deal, and some interesting skies to boot. The other night, I looked out about sunset, and saw this:

There was a line of storms to the south and east of us, and cloudy skies on top of us. As the sun set, it created an eerie glow. I popped out the door, camera in hand. I got off about 5 shots before it started to rain.

In the pic below, this is the view we have looking to the east from our house. The barn on the right used to be a dairy barn where cows were milked. This was back before Harland bought the place. We use it as a garage now. The barn further up the hill on the left is where we keep the young cows in the early spring when they have their calves.

The storms that passed to the south of us that night dumped 9 inches of rain. Glad we missed that one. Yikes.


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