Kitty’s Enemy

For whatever reason, Kitty, our house cat, despises the barn cats. Hate them with a passion. She chases them every chance she gets, and makes them run back to the barn. And they all run for their lives. Except Tom.

Kitty has met her match.

When Tom arrived at our place over a year ago, he was only about half grown, thin, and had a broken front leg. We would have liked to help him with his leg, but he was wild and we couldn’t get near him. Over time his front leg healed enough so he could walk on it, although it’s stiff and he uses it like Captain Hook’s peg leg.

When was younger he ran from Kitty, but now that he’s top cat on the farm, he refuses to run from a silly old house cat. He stands his ground, and there’s been a few fur flying incidents between them. Kitty is too much of a chicken now to fight anymore so she just hisses and growls at him from a distance, and resorts to chicken tactics. The other night when I got home from work Tom was enjoying the warm evening on the sidewalk near the house with his back to the door. Big mistake. When I opened the door, Kitty hopped outside, ran over to Tom, took a swing at his behind, and ran back into the house. Tom never knew what hit him. He shot straight up in the air and looked all around like, “what the???”. I chastised Kitty for her sneaky underhandedness, but I’m sure she wasn’t listening.

When Kitty’s not around Tom seeks us out for some attention. He purrs and swipes our ankles, and loves to be petted.

Every kitten on the place looks like Tom these days. And he’s quite proud.


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22 comments to Kitty’s Enemy

  • Tom is cute…but Kitty is so smart!

    We have Kitty’s on our blog today too…As always love yours!


  • Doe of Mi.

    Way to go KITTY.

  • Vivian

    Isn’t he a sweet old thing? It’s been my experience that tomcats are very affectionate with people, even when they fight each other. The house and yard belong to Kitty, and she doesn’t want to share. Tom is muscling in on her domain.

    • Suzanne

      Hi Vivian,
      He really is the sweetest Tomcat I’ve ever seen, which makes it all the more ridiculous that Kitty should be so mean to him. Bad Kitty.

  • Debbie

    LOL! Love this post!

  • That is hilarious! I totally love how Kitty jumped at the chance to get a hit in and then ran like heck back in the house! I love it!

    • Suzanne

      Hi Bonnie,
      Kitty is shameless. She’s obsessed right now with getting rid of Tom off her turf. That doesn’t stop Tom from coming down to the house and sitting on the front step though. Kitty looks out the window at him and seethes. It’s kinda funny.

  • So nice of you to take care of Tom. He’s certainly a handsome fella. Isn’t it amazing how those silly cats keep up their little squabbles. Bob here is youngest and smallest, but he loves to harass the biggest one here.

    • Suzanne

      Hi Teresa,
      Yes, don’t know why cats have to fight. We are surrounded by acres and acres of land, and you’d think there would be room for all.

  • Oh so cute I used to have several but they are all gone now and we just have the dogs, but good for Tom he made it thru his broken leg. LOL of Kitty she likes to be main lady, she is going to make sure no others come in the house.

    • Suzanne

      Hi Aletha,
      The house and the yard. Kitty thinks she owns it all. In fact, Harland and I live in the her house and sleep in her bed, and eat her food too. 🙂

  • I’m glad you are taking care of Tom. Some day maybe he’ll let you ‘fix’ him up. Both are beautiful.
    My female cat still give the 3 boys hisses, spits every day. Cracks me up.
    I keep telling her they’re staying and so is she….get over it!

  • He is beautiful! And a lover. Does he let you pick him up?


  • What a beautiful story, I love cats, lucky Tom and lucky Kitty.

  • LizKS

    Hi Suzanne,
    I came over from Pioneer Woman when I saw you were from KS. I’ve been reading your blog and especially the stories about Kitty and the barn cats. I just love these stories. 🙂 I have two kitty girls of my own but they never go outside. They both are from the Animal Shelter and don’t go outside. Our Lilly got out once (she was an outdoor cat before we got her) but she came back 2 days later with a big chunk of her tail gone and spent 6 weeks recovering in a front bedroom. She wouldn’t let the other cat near her without a fight. I think they are really territorial and never forget injustices done to them. I was surprised to read that Tomcat came around and got close enough to let you even pick him up. He must have instinctively known you were good people. 🙂

    • Suzanne

      Hi LizKS,
      Thank you for sharing your Kitty stories. That must have been very scary for you when your cat disappeared for 2 days. So glad she returned. After ours started hanging out in the road, we put a stop to her going out, and now she is strictly an indoor cat.

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