Kitty Update

Last night, we noticed Kitty’s other eye is now affected too. The eyedrops we’ve been using on her since Saturday don’t seem to be helping. So this afternoon, Harland took her to the vet again. She was a good girl, and she didn’t scratch, bite, or hiss at anyone. She got a long-lasting antibiotic shot (ouch!), and the vet said that if she isn’t better within a week, he’ll give us some ointment to rub into her eyes. (Volunteers anyone?) And if the ointment doesn’t help, he’ll want to see her again.

Poor Kitty. Conjunctivitis is hard to get rid of. When she got home she was extra swipey around our ankles, very chatty, and kinda unsettled. But this evening, she’s calmed down and is resting.

Will keep you updated….


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