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Occasionally, we ask ourselves, as I’m sure most cat owners do:

Why do we love Kitty? 

  • She doesn’t come when we call.  Except if we have food for her.
  • She doesn’t always greet us when we come home. And if she does, it’s a strange kind of greeting:  She runs in, drops over onto the floor and stretches. 
  • She doesn’t like to be held or picked up. We blame whoever her previous owner was for this. Although, we’ve had her now for over 5 years so you’d think she’d get over this problem. 
  • She’s trashes our furniture.  She uses the couch and office chair for claw sharpening causing holes in both exposing the stuffing. We trim her claws, but apparently not often enough.


I guess we love Kitty because:

  • She keeps us company: Despite her independent nature, she does seek us out wherever we are in the house and then hangs out with us. 
  • She gets involved in whatever task we are doing:  Like yesterday when I was reattaching a piece of wall molding near the bathroom floor (that she ripped off) she came in, sat down and watched sticking her nose right in there to get a close look. 
  • She shows us affection: Sometimes when I’m laying in bed in the morning, she comes in, jumps on the bed, and snuggles up under my chin purring away like a chainsaw.
  • She plays with us: She likes to be chased through the house, so she’ll run past us several times as an invitation, and then when we give chase, she runs like the devil taking corners so fast that she spins out on the linoleum and crashes into things. 
  • She has strength of character: She’s her own cat. She has her own ideas, her own thoughts, her own ways of doing things. And she’s not going to change for anyone. Even us. 

So we love her, in spite of ourselves.

Kitty02 (3)

We can’t help it.



Cattle, corn, wheat, beans, mud, snow, ice, and drought. Plenty of fresh air and quiet. Our life is sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes joyous, but never boring.

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18 Responses

  1. Elizabeth says:

    You know I am a huge fan of Kitty. I love her because she’s just plain beautiful (and I can’t have a cat due to allergies)! Kitty is my online kitty! lol

  2. Doe in Mi says:

    Boy O Boy you sure got that right, in all respects. Yes you just have to love the little rascals. I had one cat that would play hide and seek with me, it was so funny that he would hide in the same place every time and was always able to find me. Sure do have to love them.

  3. Carol says:

    You know Suzanne, I don’t think it was an accident when you and Kitty found each other. She was meant to belong to you two and you were searching for her, you just didn’t know it. I love cats and never become bored with stories of Kittie’s adventures. Thanks for sharing Kitties world with us!

  4. Glenda says:

    Carol,I couldn’t have said it better!

  5. Rebecca says:

    Your words are so true!

  6. Kathy says:

    I feel the same way about my Jenny. You just have to love the little furballs.

  7. Edith says:

    Well…..all those “why do we love Kitty” questions are things most dogs do by nature. You want a Cat to act like a Dog???

    90% don’t like to be held. 100% are totally independent.

    Kitty sounds like the perfect Kitty.


  8. Dianna says:

    Kitty is so beautiful. Maybe it’s a calico thing: Sundae lies on the floor in front of us when we get home too. And she doesn’t like to be held either.

  9. Euni Moore says:

    Dogs have owners. Cats have staff. I guess we know how the furry bundles of joy place us in their lives.

  10. So many good reasons to love Kitty! And sadly, my furniture matches yours, thanks to my sweet kitty cat.

  11. Maegan says:

    Kitty sounds a lot like my first cat who was also a calico, except Frito was nastier (she’d randomly decide who was going to get a swatting of epic proportions and find them and carry it out), but I loved her anyway much like you guys do.

    My current cat is kind of…special. She’s not the brightest bulb in the box (if she were a light bulb, she’d be the one that didn’t work quite right). She’s shaped like a barrel and has been known to get lost just going from room to room. But she’s exceedingly sweet, a little snuggle bug, and will go looking for my husband when he leaves in the morning, calling for him. I can sit with her in the tub when I have to give her the occasional bath because she won’t scratch intentionally. She misses the window ledge when she jumps for it, falls off of the couch, is afraid of doors (so will try to greet you and then run off because augh a door!), and is terrified of grass–but I love her perhaps because she’s got a few screws loose.

  12. Lynne says:

    I always enjoy your posts, and the kitty posts especially, as I am a kitty lover too. I realized as I was reading this post, that I was smiling all the way thru it. Thanks for sharing your life with us. One of my favorite blogs!

  13. Stacy says:

    My daughter’s cat acts just like Kitty, and we love her in spite of ourselves, too. She was a rescue who just sidled up to Jillian one day, and the rest is history. I guess she just wanted us to be her family, and what Cupcake wants, Cupcake gets. <3

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