Kitty And The Grasshopper

This time of year the grasshoppers are nearing the end of their life-cycle and are getting kinda sluggish. For some reason they sometimes hop inside the door when we go in or out.

If we don’t get them back out of the house right away, they’ll reach the end of their life-cycle even sooner:

Behold, the great hunter:


Movement of any kind does NOT escape her notice.

Hopping creatures within her domain must be dealt with in a swift and ruthless manner.




Kitty:   “Oh crap, it’s dead. Why can’t they live a little longer? I was having so much fun!”

Me:  “Oh Kitty! That’s terrible!”

Kitty:  “Yeah I know. Can’t you let something in that doesn’t die so easily?”

Me:  *SIGH*


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