A Cattle Visit

We recently paid a visit to the summer pasture to check on the cattle. Trucked there last spring, they will be coming back home in about two weeks. After they come home, the calves will be weaned and the cows turned out into our harvested cornfield to eat the remains of the corn plants. But for now, they are enjoying the last of their summer vacation in the pasture.

This visit took about a half hour, but I’ve condensed it down for you into just a few minutes.



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  • Jeanne

    I enjoyed your video, except for one thing – I wasn’t able to hear Harland’s part of the conversation as to what he thought happened to the water tank. ?? It did look odd. Do you have any way to find out what type of snake that was? I’ve never seen one like that, but then I’ve never lived in your area, either!

    Did you ever get the new siding on the house?

    • Suzanne

      Sorry about the sound. Harland kept moving away from the camera. What happened with the water tank is that one of the cows (or more than one) crawled into the water tank and splashed about. With their 1000 pound bulk they easily crushed the side of the tank getting in and out. Bad cows. And it was a pretty new tank too.
      I never did find out what kind of snake it was. Did some looking on the internet, but can’t find one that looks like that.
      Haven’t started on the siding yet. Harvest has kept us busy and planting winter wheat. We may not get to the siding this year.
      Thanks Jeanne!

  • Rural TN

    That looked similar to some areas of TN.

  • Thanks for taking us along on your visit to your cows. I guess cows are the same everywhere…cow trails across the fields, and of course fresh cow pies to step in! Eeek on the snake!

  • Lorraine

    I enjoyed the video. You still have quite a bit of green there. The “girls” looked like they were ready to come “home” as you asked them. The white face one is cute.

    Thanks for the break in the work day…

  • Glenda

    At least the snake was not poisonous. Round pupils.

  • Bob

    Northern watersnake? Other than your tanks, is there water nearby?

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