Coyote in Rocky Mountain National Park

Last Friday afternoon on our visit to Rocky Mountain National Park, we saw a coyote standing in a field in Beaver Meadow. We stayed in our truck so we wouldn’t disturb him, and I hung out the window straining against my seat-belt to take his picture. When I got back home, I picked this one, and removed an ugly survey marker in photoshop.

But then I thought maybe you might enjoy seeing the picture before the edit,

because look what he did next:

Not sure what was going on here. My guess is that he is young and was just playing with the marker. After he chewed on it for a while, he let it go, he trotted away.

We enjoyed seeing such a beautiful animal up close, even though his behavior wasn’t strictly National Geographic.

——->  UP NEXT:  A Black-Billed Magpie and a Mountain Jay.  It’s all for the birds.

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