Saturday morning we had a little bit of fog and light wind. I noticed that there was a heavy frost, and in fact it was hoarfrost. Knowing that it doesn’t last long, I hurried out to get some pics to share with you.

Native Grasses

Since the breeze was out of the north, the frost had formed only on the southern protected side of each object where it formed.

Wild Sunflower

Here’s a closer look.

Wild Sunflower

Hoarfrost occurs when the surface temperature is below freezing, and the air is saturated with moisture.

Native Grass

This old fencepost wears a new coat of white.

Barbed  fencewire loses it’s thorny appearance when it takes on a lacy covering.

This budded tree branch will be clothed in green in a few months, but for now it must be content with a frosty coat.


———> UP NEXT: Our neighbors raise sheep, and this time of year they are getting close to lambing. Come back for a visit with some very pregnant ewes.

———> And Later This Week: It’s 2nd Degree Attempted Birdslaughter, and the accused is not talking.

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