Sunset Over the American Lotus Flowers

Hi little duckies!

The sun is going down, time to go to bed.




 Nighty night.

(These were taken at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge a couple weeks ago. One of the marsh pools was full of American Lotus.)


Hey, I got all the elderberries picked last night, and so tonight after work I’m making jelly. I’m so excited! I’ll take pics to share of course.



7 comments to Sunset Over the American Lotus Flowers

  • Laura

    Elderberry jelly…brings back a few childhood memories for me. Unfortunately, I cannot remember how you tell the difference beween an elderberry and those weeds that look like them????

  • Tina

    Where do you find elderberries? Please do e recipe segment on it.

    • Suzanne

      I found a list of areas where they are found on the USDA website: “Common elderberry is common along stream banks, river banks, and open places in riparian areas lower than < 3000 m. From west Texas north to Montana, western Alberta, and southern British Columbia, and all other western states, south into northwest Mexico." You can see the full article here:

  • Carol

    Beautiful pictures as always! Would love to see the jelly progress, I wonder if somebody sells frozen elderberries?

  • Beautiful sunset, Suzanne. Those lotus flowers are amazing! I can’t wait to see how you make the jelly. We have red elderberry here, but it is not good to eat, although the birds love them. xx

  • Tina

    I just finished the article you were kind enogh to supply me the link for. I just wanted to warn “Karen” and the others to not eat the red variety of the berries, they are toxic. So stick with the blue or purple ones.

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