Kitty And The Whoopie Pies

When I was making the whoopie pies on Sunday, Kitty was absent from the kitchen –

until it was time for the CREAM CHEESE filling.

Kitty:  *Sniff sniff*   “Mmmmmmmmm…..CREAM CHEESE………”


Kitty:  “I think……………..I’ll have…….”


Kitty:  “THAT ONE!”


Me:  “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”  “Feet OFF!  I don’t even want to THINK about where your tootsies have been girl!”  

Kitty:   “Geez…..kinda loud there.”

Me:  “Here, let’s clean the cream cheese off your little foot before you track it around the house.”

Kitty:  “But – But –  I was going to lick that off my foot.”

Kitty wandered off with her hurt feelings while I finished assembling the whoopie pies. When I was done, I had a little bit of filling left. So Kitty and I shared it. (Harland wasn’t home.)

Me:  “Here you go Kitty.”


Kitty:  “Mmmmm”


Kitty:  “Mmmmmmmmmmm”

Me:  “Sorry I yelled at you Kitty.”

Kitty:  “That’s ok, you’re only a human.” 

Me:  “Aren’t you going to apologize for what you did?”

Kitty:  “Hmm?  Did I do something wrong?”

Me:  *Sigh*


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