Perfect Contentment

A week and a half ago, Kitty had only hisses and growls for our new kitten, Muffin.

Fast-forward to yesterday evening:

Muffin had a busy day yesterday. Harland took him to the vet for his first shots, and he did very well, except for the traveling back and forth – Harland said he cried the whole way.

In other news, Muffin’s sister and brother were adopted yesterday by a young family of four including a one and four year old. I suspect both the kittens and the kids will keep each other on their toes as they all grow up together. We’re very glad that the kittens were able to stay together and find a wonderful home.

With his siblings gone, Muffin moved out of the garage and into the house for good yesterday. He spent all day with Kitty (except for the vet visit), and last night was his first night with us. He didn’t get much sleep – we heard lots of playing, and sometime in the night he decided he needed some lovin’ from us. So he found us in bed, and then proceeded to purr, knead our hair and faces, and nibble on us – for about an HOUR. ┬áDesperate to get some sleep, I finally got up and carried him in to Kitty where she was curled up resting in her office chair. I handed him to her and asked if she could keep him occupied. She promptly began to give him another good cleaning.


She thinks he’s a really messy young boy and it’s become her job to tidy him up. Harland and I were able to sleep through the rest of the night in peace.

And we noticed this morning that Muffin has never looked so fluffy and clean.


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