Cleaning Up

Saturday, I spent the day cleaning house: sweeping, laundry, changing the bed, dishes, cooking, and feeding two tiny kittens every 3 hours(more on that soon!).  Anywho, in my crazy rushing around, I went into the bedroom to discover this on our bed:

Kitty & Muffy (3)

Kitty was giving Muffin a thorough cleaning.

Kitty & Muffy (4)

Kitty & Muffy (2)

Muffin just soaked it up.

Later, they both fell asleep snuggled against each other…..

Kitty & Muffy (1)



Up Next:   Kittens. Kittens??


8 comments to Cleaning Up

  • Rebecca

    I love these too!
    And I love the life you and Harland lead!!
    Excited to hear about more kittens!
    Florida hugs,

  • They are just the sweetest pair. It’s hard to remember when there was anxiety about whether they would bond.

    I just found your sunflower page! I looked at the photos of the Maximilian — gorgeous. I do love the wild ones, and you have some beauties. I’m so ready for a road trip… maybe it’s time to come to Kansas again, to see the sunflowers.

  • Jeanne

    KITTENS??? I can hardly wait!
    Kitty and Muffin are so sweet together! Does he ever wash her?
    I hope and Harland are doing well.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you Jeanne, we’re both fine! Hope you are well also.
      Muffin sometimes cleans Kitty, but he does it mostly to get her in a cleaning mood. ONce he starts cleaning her, she’ll return the favor, and then he stops, sits back and enjoys all the attention. He’s kinda devious that way.

  • What an adorable sight!! I’m sure “little” Muffin feels that he’s died and gone to heaven. And Kitty obviously adores Muffin. Can’t wait to hear more about the KITTENS!

  • I remember you worrying about introducing them to each other. Now Kitty seems to think she’s his mom! I read your comment about how he tricks her into grooming him. Muffin’s a little rascal, isn’t he?

  • Mary in Idaho

    Kittens! What fun! Looking forward to your post about them. With lots of pictures I’m sure.

  • Barbara

    Wow, what a “motor” thing goin’ on there! Who ever would have thought we’d be seeing this back when Muffin came home?

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