A Change In The Air

One recent morning found me in a sunflower field. The sun had just broken the horizon. An upland sandpiper trilled somewhere in the field and I wondered why he hadn’t flown south yet. Then a honk honking broke the morning quiet. Recognizing the call of Canada Geese, I looked up. My visibility was hampered by a nearby cornfield and tall sunflowers surrounding me, but I continued to hear the honk honking. I finally saw them directly overhead in their classic V formation. They were on the move.

Having spent the summer paired off and raising families, they had regrouped into flocks to fly south to warmer areas. And it struck me: Fall? Again? Already? Another year gone. I mean, I know of course, but knowing it and seeing evidence of it flying overhead, well, it’s a tap on the shoulder.

The geese honked down at me,

“Hey girl, standing there in the field in shirtsleeves, get ready cause winter’s coming. Snow, ice, biting winds, and brutal temperatures are on the way. …And we’re outta here….Bye!”

I washed a load of winter coats that day.


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