Lately, there have been a couple of large spider carcasses found when we first get out of bed in the morning.

Knighthood 2

It would seem that when the lights go out the creepy crawlies come out hoping for a night of fun at our house. Boy, are they disappointed to learn that they picked the wrong house to party in. With two cats in the house, if it is alive and moving, it’s life expectancy is very, very short.

I hate spiders. Just hate’em. See HERE. ┬áSo I’m very pleased with Kitty and Muffy taking care of the creepy crawlies when I’m asleep. I’m so pleased in fact, that I recently bestowed knighthoods on both of them for valor and bravery in defense of our castle.

Kitty’s new official title is Dame Katherine.

Knighthood (3)

Muffin’s new official title is Sir Muffalot.

Knighthood (1)

I hope their new elevated status doesn’t go to their heads, and they start to assume that the house is theirs and we humans are only here to do their bidding.

Nah, they would never think that, would they?



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7 Responses

  1. Jeanne says:

    Can we borrow Dame Katherine and Sir Muffalot? They could help With some of the spider population we have!! Cute story!

  2. Lee Ann L. says:

    Many spiders do their hunting at night including black widows. Speaking of hunting at night, scorpions like to come out late dusk and hunt until the sun rises. Yes, we have scorpions down here. We tend to leave them alone as long as they are NOT in the house. I have learned that they are very territorial except during mating season. So, they are good for keeping the bug population down hereabouts. We have tried to minimize space for critters to crawl inside the house; but, both spiders and scorpions can flatten themselves so thin and crawl through to the inside. *shudders* I thank God that we haven’t encountered many inside our house since we moved here. We saw more in the beginning; but, now, hardly any. This summer was fewest we ever seen.

    Both of my cats are like pointer dogs — they would indicate that a critter is there. Thus, we have killed three so far with this method and one of them was already dead (I suspect Gracie, my three legged cat, killed it before we got a chance to get to it because she was the one who proudly showed us the dead thing.) Also, three more were found dead; so, I assume the cats got brave and killed them.

    I know for a fact that when my Chessie was alive, she killed one and played with it until I took a good look at it and was shocked it was a dead scorpion. She was SOooo pleased with herself. *shudders*

  3. C M JONES says:

    Suzanne check out “BIFEN I/T” on the web

    • Suzanne says:

      Harland sprays around the foundation every fall, but this year the creepy crawlies are coming in early, so he’s going to spray earlier. Ick….

  4. Linda says:

    I know there are spiders about, because I see their webs. But I never see them, and suspect most of them are the tiny sort that don’t do much harm and wouldn’t be much fun for Dixie Rose to hunt. What we do have are “palmetto bugs,” which can be one of a couple of species of cockroach. They’re outdoor bugs, and huge. They fly, too, and can be pretty darned disconcerting.

    When I hear a ruckus in the middle of the night, it generally means one has gotten in, and Dixie’s done her thing. More than a few times, I’m come out to find her with her paw firmly atop one, just waiting for Mom to tell her what a good kitty she is. She is, too. I’d much rather she hunt them down, than having to cope with them myself.

    I think your kitties definitely deserve their titles!

  5. Just logged into your blog Suzanne. Love your stories and recipes. Greetings from Scotland!

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