Daffodils and Forsythia

Well it’s still colder than the inside of a fish, but at least it looks more like spring around here. The pastures are starting to green up, the wheat is looking like a golf course, and the daffodils and forsythia are blooming in our garden.

I just love daffodils.

They’re so bright and cheerful.  Seems fitting that they should be one of the first flowers to bloom after our long and dreary winters.

We have a few different varieties of daffodils. Right now we have the solid yellow, and white with yellow centers blooming.

Check out that frilly edge. Looks like a summer skirt with ruffles.

Our forsythia bush came with the house. This land has been farmed since the late 1800s, and it is possible that this bush has been here that long.

Settlers brought their favorite flowers and trees along when they came into Kansas, and today lilac and forsythia bushes, daffodils and irises dot the landscape continuing to bloom long after their owners, and sometimes even their houses, are gone.

Plants so tough they can take care of themselves for dozens of years?  Now that’s my idea of carefree landscaping.

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