Eunice Has Her Calf

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About 7am this morning, Eunice lay down and had her first calf. She got to her feet, turned around and sniffed the strange new wet arrival. She began to lick it all over to clean it up and encourage it to get up, all the while making low mooing sounds. Soon, Mr. Farmer showed up. He picked up her little calf and carried it into the barn out of the wind. Eunice followed Mr. Farmer and watched closely as he set her baby down in some clean straw, gave it some powderd colustrum mixed in warm water, and some medication to prevent calf scours (bad diarrhea). Then Mr. Farmer left Eunice and her baby alone to get to know each other.

Later in the morning, Mrs. Farmer showed up to see the new arrival.

Eunice is enamored of her calf.

She talks to it in low reasurring moos as if to say, “It’s ok honey, Mama’s here”. 



Mrs. Farmer asked Eunice about her earlier intention of “ running away to see the bright lights of the big city ” after her calf was born.

“What bright lights of the big city?!” she exclaimed.

“I’ll never leave my baby!!!”

It is supposed to rain here tomorrow, so Eunice and her calf will stay in the barn until the weather improves.  Monday it’s supposed to be sunny, so we’ll let them out into the pasture then.

That’s one down, and nine more heifers to go.

Stay tuned.

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