Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge

In late June, we paid a visit to Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge about an hour from us over in Missouri. We always see some wildlife there, and although there weren’t the noisy flocks of geese and ducks we see there in the fall, we weren’t disappointed:

Have a great weekend all!


5 comments to Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge

  • Jeanne L

    Very nice! I’m especially impressed with the young owls! The scenery is lovely too. I noticed what looked like a highway in the background. Do you know what was making the occasional knocking sound? Thanks for sharing!

  • Just beautiful. I recognize the cardinal’s call, and the meadowlark, but I’m not sure what the more constant bird-chatter is. Thanks for sharing that lovely deer, too!

  • Janet N

    Thanks, the grasses are so lush, just beautiful.

  • Louise S.

    Very nice videos. Thanks!

  • Brent Galliart

    Thanks for sharing the video. The birds singing in the video include the Northern Cardinal, Indigo Bunting, Warbling Vireo and Red-winged Blackbird. Also heard a Pheasant call a couple times in the background.

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