Are You Comfortable?

Lately, Muffin has found a new favorite spot to lay. It’s atop the washcloths in the bathroom. The space is not nearly big enough for him and he has to shoehorn himself to get into it, but he’s determined this is the best spot to be.

Muffin and Kitty

He can’t keep himself contained within the spot though, and appendages do spill out….

Muffin and Kitty (1)

Muffin and Kitty (3)

Muffin and Kitty (2)

Muffin and Kitty (5)

Me:  “There’s just no way that can be comfortable, Muffin. “

Muffin: “Quick, take another picture! Here’s my Suave, Sophisticated look.”

Muffin and Kitty (4)

Me:  “Your what?”

Muffin:  “How about my Come Hither look?”

Muffin and Kitty (6)

Me: “We’re getting off-topic. I was talking to the folks about how you like to lay down atop the washcloths and – “

Muffin: ” Yes, yes…very interesting. But don’t you think I’m just the most adorable thing going in fur?”

Me: “Yes…I suppose..but-“

Muffin and Kitty (7)

Kitty:  “Ahem….I thought I was the most adorable thing going in fur.”

Me: “Sigh…..”


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